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|| Guys…I really don’t know how much longer I can roleplay as Jafar. I’m just not feeling his character at all. I know I had spoke with a few people about starters and new plots but…it’s just stopped being fun for me. Not roleplaying, just Jafar as a muse. Compared to my other more active characters, he just sits here collecting dust. He’s getting no where. I don’t even feel as strongly about him anymore. I would rather spend more of my time on Ariel and develop her. I can’t keep hogging Jafar as a character. For all I know, there could be someone just waiting to play Jafar and be freaking genius and amazing with him. Basically, I suck (and no that is not a plea to be told otherwise) and I can’t keep fooling myself. I’ll let this sit for awhile before making any final decisions but…as it stands, I think I might end up quitting on Jafar.

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juviekid inquired: "...Well yeah. I mean obviously you have something up your sleeve to keep me alive for as long as you have. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gone through this whole elaborate scheme to keep me quiet to Marina and Rapunzel. If you didn't want me to really not go blabbing you would've killed me on the spot."

"Oh, that’s right. You’re still wondering why I’ve kept you alive. Well first of all, let’s use some common sense. If I killed you and your princess, the entire kingdom of Corona would be in hysterics. Marina and Rapunzel would expect me right away. Second, what’s better than having your enemy’s practical son as a maid?" 

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juviekid inquired: "Not exactly no. Besides, you wouldn't kill me right away. You need me alive for whatever you're planning. So threaten me all you want."

Jafar’s brows rose in amusement. “Do I now? That is an interesting assumption.”

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juviekid inquired: *flicks seeds at you because I can*

"Do you have a death wish?"

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|| Just gave my theme another update (still don’t like it ohoho big surprise there) and cleared out old threads with members who are no longer here. I owe a few replies, which I will get to soon. I’m sorry to make you all wait. I’m trying to grab hold of my Jafar muse lately and it’s just being a bitch.

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omfg cute


Mim and Jafar by =Malbenthomas


Kida listened carefully to his instructions, filling them away into her mind. It seemed interesting enough, something that she should have little to no problem with. It made her wonder what else sorcery entailed. She thought it would be more difficult.

"I could do that in my sleep, master Jafar." She boasted as turned her gaze away from him and towards the water. Instead of staring holes through the pool bottom, her blue eyes became unfocused. Bit by bit she relaxed her body, starting from the head and flowing down into the water in which her feet rested and then back up. 

The queen was Atlantean, after all, and her people relied upon water like few others did. It was in the humid air. It rolled up around their island as steam, cooling the magma moat. It gave them life, kept them fed, and was so completely integrated in their life that none of them could imagine life without it.

Atlanteans flowed with the water so moving away from all non-aquatic thought only took her a few minutes.

Jafar smiled fondly at the girl as she concentrated on the water. He delighted in her light cockiness in the matter. At least she was confident and it was very befitting of her. He watched as the muscles relaxed beneath her copper skin. It was happening already and she had done so very easily. Her mind and body were one with the water. Of course, he should have expected this from the queen. With a curiosity as strong as her own, she was born with the natural talent to achieve anything she set her mind to. 

"Very good," He spoke in a low voice so he wouldn’t distract her focus. "Now I want you to imagine a fish floating in the air. See it’s shimmering grey scales in the sunlight. Then, I want you to bring the water upward towards the fish so that it may breathe. I know that sounds silly, but do try. I want to see you do it." 


This black magic sorcerer was riddled with issues that Adella did not care to linger on. Every poisonous look to such a perfect princess, she thought, hinted more and more at some hazy, long passed, and still festering sadness. 

Any realization of that though, wasn’t shown outwardly. Nope. Beyond a tiny, kitten-like yawn beneath her fingers, no comfort was offered. No Adella-type fawning over the sad beauty of what past love might’ve crumbled his heart or whatever else. No handholding, share and tell kind of moment to be had. For once, she would do well to be strictly business professional—you know, besides telling Jafar that he had issues.

"Deal!" She quipped with not a teaspoon of gravity in her words, pushing her plate a few inches in front of her. "I’m done."

With an annoyed grunt, he snapped his fingers and their dishes disappeared to leave a vacant table. Oh, she was deplorable in every way possible. If it wasn’t for her beauty and offer, he would have cast her out immediately. Even her appearance was beginning to wear on his eyes. Her vanity and spoiled act was an ugliness that was seen past her young face.

"Good." Jafar gestured towards the double doors of the dining room. Two guards pulled them open to reveal the dark corridors of his palace. He cast a spell on the hallway that, once entered, would transport her out of his kingdom. "Please be quick about it or else I might lose interest in our agreement. I don’t like to be kept waiting, especially by a shellfish princess."

"Now shoo." He waved his hand away dismissively. 

juviekid inquired: Jim raised a brow a little bit. "Oh? And what is that?"

"There is a neighboring kingdom just a tad south of here. The Land of the Black Sands. I trust your magical abilities are capable enough of exterminating the undead nuisances there. Be a dear and clean it up for me."